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We Speak Machine

Mach2 is an integration software platform that interacts with your shop floor machines and systems to provide usable, actionable information. Mach2 is a browser-based system with production scoreboards that can be customized to your unique business needs. With Mach2, machine activity can also be automatically synced with your ERP system for seamless operations throughout your business.

Harness Data

Improve Communication

Boost Performance

Harness Data

Mach2 captures data your current manufacturing process can’t access.


Scales & Gauges

Legacy Equipment

Barcode Printers / Scanners

Plant Systems


Other data could also include:

Production Cycles, Part Variances, Down Time, Scrap, Inventory and Machine Status.

Improve Communication

Mach2 translates machine data into usable, actionable information that speaks to your business management systems.

Production Scoreboards

Production dashboards present real-time machine data in easy-to-read results to employees on the shop floor.

Text & Email Alerts

Cloud-supported system gives managers access to shop floor and business systems data from anywhere in the world. Data alerts can be set to trigger alarms via email or text.

Boost Performance

Mach2 is a cost-effective solution that speeds manufacturing improvements by putting real-time data at manager’s and employee’s fingertips.

Automate everything: transactions, monitoring and error proofing.

Automation improves quality, efficiency and accuracy.

Single-server licensing model means no per user licensing fees.

Open architecture preserves legacy investments and evolves to incorporate next generation technology.

Choose Experience

The engineering team behind Mach2 is fluent in the language of machines, with more than 200 years of collective experience. Today, Mach2 is at work in nearly 100 plants around the world, managing more than a million transactions daily and more than a billion transactions to date.

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